1000-lb Sisters: A look at the 1000 pound Sisters now

TLC’s 1000 Pound Sisters wrapped season three earlier this year, but the story of the Slaton sisters is far from over, as more has happened in their lives since.

TLC as a channel has cornered the market for bringing reality television format shows that manage to capture the imagination of viewers.

This is as most of the popular reality format shows showcase the lives of the average American without the gloss in the treatment of the footage.

One such reality format show that has captivated viewers is 1000-Lb Sisters, which first premiered on the channel in 2020. The reality-format show has three seasons so far, with season three wrapping up in January 2022.

However, season three was filled with open-ended segues for a possible season four, as the drama continued even after the cameras were turned off.

What is 1000-Lb Sisters about?

When 1000-Lb Sisters first premiered in 2020, the premise of the show was of, “The Slaton sisters averaging over a thousand pounds, have always depended on each other for support. Now in their 30s, Amy wants to have children, but cannot due to her weight, while her elder sister Tammy is near bedridden.”

In the three seasons that have aired, we watched Amy give birth to her first child, as she is now preparing for her second child’s birth. Moreover, we have watched as Tammy’s health continues to take a turn for the worst, especially following the season three finale.

A look at the 1000 pound Sisters now

Season three of 1000-Lb Sisters hinged on the conflict Amy Slaton faced, as she wanted to move to find a bigger home for her growing family, which meant that she would no longer live next to Tammy.

After Amy made the decision to move, which resulted in her making an offer on her new home with husband Michael Halterman, we watched as she had to tell her family in anticipation of the different reactions.

After Amy broke the news, her brother, Chris Combs, took the responsibility of taking care of Tammy, who went on a downward spiral after finding out about Amy’s intentions, which meant that her sister would no longer be her neighbour and primary caregiver.

A realisation that resulted in Tammy heavily drinking and vaping, as she is believed to be going through a depressive episode.

However, during the season three finale episode titled Never Say Never, Tammy finally decided to check into a rehab for people dealing with weight issues. However, immediately after checking in, Tammy’s health took a turn for the worst.

What is Tammy Slaton doing now

After Chris and his wife Brittany dropped Tammy off at the weight-loss rehabilitation centre, they had to turn back as the rehab informed them that Tammy had been rushed to the hospital.

According to Chris, it looked like Tammy’s lungs had “given up, and like her body was shutting down.”

However, since her stint in the hospital, Tammy’s health improved and she returned to the weight-loss rehab. Tammy has been sharing posts on social media while staying at the weight-loss rehab.

Chris also spoke to PEOPLE about Tammy’s current health status, stating, “I’m overjoyed that’s she’s ready to get on this train and start rolling down the tracks.”

What is Amy Slaton doing now

Since moving into her new home with husband, Michael Halterman and son, Gage, Amy Slaton seems to be settling into her new life as an independent woman from her elder sister.

Moreover, while she confirmed that she was pregnant on the show with her second child, following the conclusion of season three, Amy has been using her social media to share her pregnancy journey.

Most recently, the now over 17 weeks pregnant reality star revealed that she is expecting another boy.

Will there be a season 4 of 1000-Lb Sisters?

On Monday, 31 January 2022, 1000-Lb Sisters marked the end of season three. With so many avenues to explore, will TLC renew the reality show? Currently, the channel has not confirmed a season four of the show.

However, this is not uncommon as even with season two’s run of the show, TLC waited a couple of weeks following the end of the season to confirm a third season.

Therefore, fans might need to wait just a bit longer to find out if there will be a fourth season or not.

Final thoughts

TLC’s 1000-Lb Sisters has been a popular watch on the channel since 2020, when it premiered. For three seasons to date, we have watched as Amy Slaton has carved her independence from sister, Tammy, to grow her family and live independently from her co-dependent elder sister.

Following the end of season three, which saw Tammy take control of her health by checking into a weight-loss rehabilitation centre, she faced a few concerning health scares, which she has since recovered from, as she returned to the rehab centre to further work on her health.

Amy, on the other hand, seems to be focussed on ensuring that she has a healthy and happy pregnancy, as she marks her seventeenth week.