1000-lb Sisters: Unpacking the factors that led to Amy and Michael’s split

There are many factors that contributed to Amy and Michael’s eventual split and fans have speculated about what they suspect happened to the couple.

Amy and Michael Halterman have not been shy to share details about their personal life on 1000-lb Sisters.

However, Michael recently filed for divorce and there are likely multiple factors, including the additional scrutiny of viewers, the pressure of a second child and some abuse allegations, which contributed to the couple’s split.

How Amy and Michael’s relationship started

Complicated family dynamics have always been at the centre of TLC’s 1000-lb Sisters.

This not only includes Amy and Tammy’s relationship, but also the relationships that they have outside of their sisterhood, like Amy’s long-time relationship with Michael Halterman.

Amy and Michael initially started out as high school sweethearts, but they later eloped, and then officially tied the knot in 2019.

The couple also welcomed two sons, Gage and Glenn, not long after their marriage was made official.

1000-lb Sisters: Unpacking the factors that led to Amy and Michael’s split

Unfortunately, it has not always been smooth sailing for this young couple. Fans of the show had already started noticing a disconnect between the pair in the third season of the show.

It seems as though they just could not get on the same page, which eventually led to them separating in February 2023.

Michael officially filed for divorce on March 13, 2023, but fans of the show have speculated about the possible factors that could have contributed to this decision.

Amy and Tammy have both always been very open about the details of their personal lives, and while this makes for good television, it can wreak havoc within personal relationships.

Some fans have pointed out that Amy and Michael both faced a lot of backlash from viewers of the show for the way that they choose to live their lives and raise their children.

It is very possible that this criticism contributed to their divorce, or at the very least, led to additional conflict in their relationship.

Other sources have even reported that Michael vehemently disagreed with Amy’s decision to have their children on the show, and that this is what ultimately led to the couple’s split.

To add to this, Amy has also been very honest about the fact that she was surprised by how much more difficult it was raising two children than just one, and this added pressure definitely weighed on the couple in the last few season of the show.

However, recently-released documents from Amy and Michael’s divorce proceedings have revealed that the couple may have also had issues with domestic violence, which could have led to their eventual split.

How serious are the domestic abuse allegations against Michael?

Though fans had already suspected that there was trouble in paradise between Amy and Michael before he officially filed for divorce, many people were shocked to hear that there were accusations of mistreatment during their marriage.

Reportedly, Amy had called 911 during an argument with Michael in February 2023, after which the courts granted her an order of emergency protection and required Michael to surrender his firearms.

However, once the court proceeding for their divorce started in May, Amy withdrew these charges. A separate civil restraining order was then filed as part of the ongoing divorce proceedings.

Who will get custody of the children?

Amy and Michael’s divorce proceedings are still ongoing and nothing has been decided officially yet.

However, although it was originally reported that Michael was seeking temporary joint custody of their two children, their recent battle in court has revealed that he actually wants permanent joint custody with a modified schedule.

This arrangement would allow the couple to split the custody of their children evenly every month, but it would certainly be more disruptive and inconsistent for the children.

Will the divorce be shown on the show?

The fourth season of 1000-lb Sisters ended fairly abruptly with Tammy getting married to her new husband, Caleb Willingham, before all of the drama between Amy and Michael.

Although season five of the show has not yet officially been confirmed, Tammy has confirmed that they have already started filming for this season, and it is likely that fans will get an inside look into Amy and Michael’s divorce during this season when it starts airing.

Some eyewitness reports have even confirmed that they saw Amy with her other sister, Amanda Halterman, and her brother, Chris Combs, speaking to cameras when they exited the court in May.

This indicates that the show will probably include the divorce hearings in the show even though cameras are not allowed inside the courtroom.