1923: Does Spencer Dutton die at sea?

It is not clear yet whether Spencer Dutton will end up dying at sea or not, but it seems unlikely at this point in the show.

1923 takes place between the events of 1883 and Yellowstone and the series has introduced a whole new part of the Dutton family.

This includes Spencer Dutton who moved to Kenya. He rushed home after finding out about his brother’s death from Cara’s letters, but his boat capsized, and it is still unclear whether he died at sea or not.

The new old Duttons on 1923

1923 is the newly-released sequel to Yellowstone and features a whole new list of characters and dramas in the Dutton family history.

This instalment in the Yellowstone franchise follows the Dutton family through the events of the early 20th century, with Jacob and Cara Dutton at the helm.

Jacob Dutton is the brother of James Dutton, who fans may know from 1883. Jacob was the one who took over the family ranch after his brother passed away.

He also adopted James’s two sons, John and Spencer. John works with Jacob and his own children to defend the ranch from attacks, but Spencer chose to go to Kenya instead.

1923: Does Spencer Dutton die at sea?

In Kenya, Spencer worked as a hunter, hunting predators who threatened the lives of people working and living near the railway’s construction areas.

It was during one of his brave crusades at a nearby base camp that Spencer met Alexandra, and not long thereafter, the two of them got engaged.

One night while they were relaxing in their tent after a harrowing day, Alexandra convinced Spencer to open and read the letters that Cara Dutton had been sending him from the ranch in Montana.

At the end of the fifth episode of season one, Alexandra informed him that one of the letters said that his brother, John, had been fatally shot during an attack.

Furthermore, many other members of the family were badly wounded trying to defend the Duttons’ land.

Although Spencer had put himself in many dangerous situations before this, he and Alexandra began their most perilous mission yet in the next episode.

They decided to set out on the journey back home on a small tugboat. However, tragedy struck, and they were hit by a much larger “ghost” ship, which caused their boat to capsize.

It has not yet been confirmed whether Spencer and Alexandra will survive this accident, but fans are certain that Spencer will not die, as he is the one that is meant to save the Dutton ranch for the future generations of the family.

How did Spencer and Alexandra get into the accident with the ghost ship?

Once Spencer learned about what had been happening to his family in Montana, he decided that he needed to travel back home immediately.

Alexandra decided that she would travel with him. In the interest of getting to Montana as quickly as possible, Spencer decided that they would go on board with Lucca, the captain of a small tugboat.

Lucca seemed fairly skilled at first and navigated right beside the ghost ship without any difficulty. However, when he died from tuberculosis while Spencer and Alexandra were sleeping, there was no one to steer the boat and it crashed into the ghost ship.

What will Spencer do if he does make it back to Montana?

Fans will have to wait for the seventh episode of 1923, which will air on 12 February 2023, to find out what the show has in store for Spencer.

Until then, the actor who plays Spencer on the show Brandon Sklenar, has warned viewers that he does not think the person who killed the brother of a veteran, who is clearly still processing his own anger and PTSD, will get away with it.

Why do fans think it is unlikely that Spencer will die in the boat accident?

Avid 1923 fans who have watched all of the teaser trailers for the first season of the show will know that these trailers showed Spencer in a number of different scenes that have not yet happened on the show so far.

Elsa’s opening monologue in the first episode of the show also stated that only one of her father’s sons would live long enough to see his children grow up. This gave fans the impression that Spencer will not die in the boat accident.

Now that Spencer’s brother, John, has passed away, it means that Spencer is likely the Dutton brother that Elsa said would lead the family through the Great Depression and all of the other troubles that they will come up against in the 20th century.