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7de Laan: Justin finds out if DeWet is his biological father

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7de Laan’s Thursday night episode will see Justin finding out the truth about who his biological father is, after his mother casts doubt over his childhood and paternity.

7de Laan’s upcoming episode, which airs on SABC 2 tonight, 15 October 2020, will see Justin finally finding out the truth about his parents. Following Bonita’s attempt to help Justin figure out if his mother was telling the truth, Justin receives the paternity tests from the lab, which indicate whether or not DeWet is his biological father. The preview shows Justin looking perturbed by what he finds in the envelope, as Bonita stands silently beside him in support.

The upcoming episode will also see Thomas continuing to deal with the grief of losing his mother, as he struggles to accept that she has really passed on. Rikus attempts to control and comfort him, in order for them to work through the pain together, however, Thomas refuses to accept help from anyone.

Watch the preview of the upcoming episode of 7de Laan below.

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