A deep dive into BTS’ red carpet style this year

BTS is known for their streetwear fashion, both casually and on the red carpet, but with their rise to fame, their aesthetic now has a luxury designer twist.

BTS is a South Korean boy band comprising seven members, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Each member of the boy band in reference to their style is different. However, all their different aesthetic choices in fashion are grounded by the streetwear leaning aesthetic. Although, when looking at their red carpet looks, the boy band has also been cohesive in terms of their styling options, more so in the years after global acclaim.

The Bangtan Boys have become style icons for their many adoring fans. This is as they have worn designer luxury brands such as Tom Browne, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. They have worn all these designers on red carpets this year alone. So, let us take a walk down memory lane to some of the red carpet looks they have worn this year.

BTS’ individual style

Before doing so, it is only fair for their fan base looking to copy their everyday streetwear aesthetic to know where to go when looking for inspiration. On Instagram, there is a page called BTS Fashion. The page is the paid promotional page which showcases the styles and everyday outfits worn by the members of the group, though the page is most helpful when looking for the designer and price range for their more luxury designer outfits.

The page has proved to be more than just inspiration, as it has become a marketing page for luxury designer items as some outfits have sold out following being posted on the page. The latest of which being the Noice Breeze white sweater, which was posted on the page on Tuesday, 19 October 2021. The sweater in question retails for KRW 139 000, which is estimated to be $118.13 when converted.

Their casual clothes include readily available items, albeit luxury and costly. When it comes to their red carpet looks, the Bangtan Boys are always clothed in the latest men’s fashion ranges from some of the top luxury designer brands there are currently. Moreover, the looks are mostly off the runaway.

BTS’s 2021 red carpet looks so far


Though this look is not from a red carpet, it was the group’s first monumental performance. The boy band was part of the MTV Unplugged sessions. During their performance of Get You and their rendition of Coldplay’s Fix You, the boy band was clad in custom looks inspired by Thom Browne’s Fall ‘21 collection. The designer is also known to be loved by Jin, as he is known to wear some of his ready-to-wear items in his everyday life.

During the same performance, the Bangtang Boys changed outfits into the tan formal suits. The suits were inspired by the Polo Ralph Lauren Fall ‘21 menswear collection. The brown to tan suits are made out of mismatching tweed material, with all their blazer jackets embroidered with a “R” instead of the signature luxury designer label of a horse and a jockey.


Attending the Sixty-third Grammy Awards, the boy band were clad in the then latest Louis Vuitton Fall ‘21 collection. The collection by Virgil Abloh consisted of oversized suits and ready-to-wear items which were presented under the theme of Peculiar Contrast, Perfect Light.


In this month, the boy band was marking a new era through the release of their number one-charting single, Butter. For the announcement press conference, BTS wore custom made Louis Vuitton suits, which were less wide legged as is the current signature in men’s fashion. Their working relationship with Louis Vuitton continued through to the Billboard Music Awards red carpet, where they wore more items from the Fall ‘21 collection.


Their latest “red carpet” moment was during the United Nation’s SDG conference. Clad in signature black tie suits, instead of opting for go-to luxury designer brand, the band opted for the sustainable fashion option. They wore suits from RE;CODE, which is a sustainable fashion brand based in South Korea.  Explaining the intention, the band was quoted as saying, “This suit design aims to support sustainable fashion and it is particularly designed for BTS’ speech at (the) United Nations.”