A possible reason for why Alex cheated on B-Rabbit in 8 Mile

Arguably one of the most iconic hip-hop biopic films is the 2002 film, 8 Mile, inspired by the true-life events of Eminem, especially his relationship with Alex.

There might never be an iconic hip-hop biopic film like the 2002 critically and commercially acclaimed film, 8 Mile. The semi-biographical film tells a story using the real-life events of rapper, Eminem.

The premise was shared as his story which attempted to showcase how the legendary rapper came to prominence and the environment he had to overcome to achieve his global success.

One of the most poignant scenes is the revelation of finding out that his love, Alex, played by the late Brittany Murphy, cheated on him.

However, Alex did not just cheat with anyone, as she was found cheating with a radio-DJ and believed to be producer, Wink. Initially, when viewers meet Wink, he promises Eminem’s character, B-Rabbit, studio time.

Only later on do they find out that the offer was not sincere, as Wink was already working with B-Rabbit’s music rivals, hip-hop group, Free World.

The most widely believed reason for Alex cheating on B-Rabbit is time. While the film does a stellar job of telling the immediate attraction between the two main characters, it does not absolve the fact that they had just met.

Moreover, they had not labelled their relationship yet. Therefore, as much as B-Rabbit did feel betrayed, Alex was not obligated to be faithful as they had not defined their relationship status at the time.

That being said, it certainly does not absolve Alex. It further places the guilt on Wink and alienates his character from the audience, a fact which could have not been established without the cheating scene.

The sequence of scenes alienating Wink with viewers only further intensified the pay off at the end of the film when B-Rabbit wins over all the Free World hip-hop group members.