A Recap of all Betty’s boyfriends in Ugly Betty

Betty had quite a few romances during the course of Ugly Betty’s four-season run, but she ended the show starting a new job, by herself.

Betty Suarez certainly went through a lot during the four seasons that Ugly Betty was on the air, including a few complicated romantic entanglements.

As with many of the other things in her life, Betty often struggled to find the balance in her romantic relationships, and she never quite managed to settle down with someone on the show.

All about Betty

Nothing is more entertaining than a classic underdog story and Ugly Betty’s titular character, the bespectacled and brace-faced Betty Suarez (portrayed by America Ferrera), certainly fit that bill.

Throughout Ugly Betty’s four seasons, fans got to watch Betty transform from a naïve girl from Queens to an accomplished media mogul, who had turned into a real jet-setter.

A Recap of all Betty’s boyfriends in Ugly Betty

Betty may have ended up with a dream job in an entirely new city at the end of Ugly Betty, but she certainly had many obstacles to overcome before this happened – with one of the biggest obstacles being her on-again, off-again love life.

Although Ugly Betty opened with Betty landing a big job working for Mode, her personal life was a mess.

Betty’s high school sweetheart, Walter, had just dumped her and the two of them spent much of the first season of the series trying to patch up this failed relationship, only to realize in the “Brothers” episode that they were better off going their separate ways.

Part of the reason why Betty decided that she could no longer string Walter along was because she had started  developing feelings for the Mode accountant, Henry.

Unfortunately, just as Betty was about to declare her feelings for her new love, Charlie (Henry’s ex-girlfriend) showed up in New York to rekindle their relationship.

This resulted in several months where Betty was forced to watch Henry and Charlie’s relationship progress, despite knowing that she and Henry had feelings for each other.

In the meantime, Betty struck up what she believed to be only a friendship with the sandwich man, Gio.

But of course Betty eventually ends up in the center of a love-triangle in which she has to choose between marrying Henry and travelling to Rome with Gio.

Betty ultimately does not choose either of these suitors, and strikes up a brief romance with Jesse, who lives in her new apartment building.

Betty does end up in another love-triangle in the fourth season, when the new Mode editor-in-chief, Matt, realizes that he still has feelings for her even though they broke up after she kissed Henry.

However, by the end of the series, Betty decided to leave all of her previous romantic entanglements behind (sort of) and move to London – at least until she accepted Daniel’s invitation to dinner.

Who was Betty’s true love?

Betty’s best boyfriend has always been a hot topic up for debate among the Ugly Betty fandom.

And while we may never reach a consensus on who Betty’s one true love really was, the series did at least confirm who Betty thought her first love was.

Although Walter and Betty had been together for a long time, Betty actually admitted quite a few times in season three “The Fall Issue” finale episode, that Henry was her first real love and that there was a small part of her that would always love him.

Who did Betty end up with?

Technically, Ugly Betty ended with Betty single and living it up in London. However, the show’s producers did include a sweet moment just before the credits rolled where Daniel asks Betty out to dinner.

It is never explicitly clarified whether this dinner is romantic or platonic, but many Ugly Betty fans believe that it is meant to indicate that Daniel and Betty ultimately ended up together  some time after the show ends.

America Ferrera’s real-life husband

Betty may have never had much success with her romantic relationships in Ugly Betty, but the actress who portrayed this character so skillfully throughout the course of the show, has had more luck in real life.

Ferrera married her long-time boyfriend, Ryan Piers Williams, in 2011 just a few months after the Ugly Betty finale aired.

Avid Ugly Betty fans may be happy to know that the cast’s friendship has lasted even after the show ended, as this wedding took place in a private ceremony held at her former Ugly Betty costar, Vanessa Williams’s, estate.

Ferrera and Williams are still married, more than a decade later, and have since welcomed two children into their growing family.

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