A-Reece releases new single believed to be dedicated to current girlfriend

A-Reece has excited fans with the surprise release of his latest single, $TRICTLY 4 MY B*TCH, which has been released on SoundCloud ahead of his eagerly awaited album, Paradise 2.

A-Reece released his latest single, $TRICTLY 4 MY B*TCH, today, 15 January 2021, which is believed to be dedicated to his long-term girlfriend, Rickelle Jones. The single came as a surprise to his fans, who have been waiting in anticipation for his upcoming album, Paradise 2, which has yet to be completed.

Taking to Instagram, A-Reece stated, “$TRICTLY 4 MY B*TCH out now on SoundCloud. Something to hold you during post-production.” The song was strategically released onto the free music streaming platform to allow all of his fans to have access to it at no cost.

$TRICTLY 4 MY B*TCH talks about the intense relationship between him and his girlfriend, which many are jealous of. Throughout the single, he continuously reaffirms his love for her and claims that nothing could go wrong in their relationship, as long as they have one another. A-Reece’s reported girlfriend, Rickelle Jones, also promoted the song on her personal Instagram page.

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