Afro Brotherz release their debut single, Own The Night, featuring Prince Kaybee and Lady Zamar

The duo signed under Prince Kaybee’s record label, Low Key Records, has released its debut single, Own The Night, featuring Lady Zamar and Prince Kaybee.

On Friday, 6 September 2019, Afro Brotherz, the released their first single, Own The Night, since signing with the Gugulethu hitmaker. The single features leading house vocalist, Lady Zamar, and Prince Kaybee on the production.

The journey of making the song was shared on the duo and Prince Kaybee’s social media pages. The first post on the journey to releasing the single was shared in July 2019, when Prince Kaybee announced the signing of the group to his record label. The post was a black and white image of Afro Brotherz and Prince Kaybee posing together, captioned, “So excited about tomorrow. The boys are recording their first mainstream single featuring [myself] and Lady Zamar! Afro Brotherz, welcome to Low Key Records,”

The single took three days to record, with the artists sharing the completion of the recording phase of the single on Thursday, 18 July 2019. The duo posted an image of themselves working in studio with Prince Kaybee, with a caption that read, “#OwnTheNight.”

The duo has been counting down to the release of the single on their social media pages, since the completion of the song. The upbeat, alternative house single is available in an edited-for-radio version and a longer version.

The single is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Own The Night below.