AKA addresses music piracy

On Sunday 23, September 2018, AKA expressed how he felt about music piracy in South Africa. He made it clear that he did not have a second of his time to waste on people who download music illegally.

“Piracy is wack yo. I work for 2/3 years straight, I make a classic … you download it, you steal from me then you get upset when I tell you to go f*** yourself when you ask me for a picture,” he tweeted.

The rapper stated that downloading music illegally is killing the music industry and it undermines the hard work artists put into creating music.

“I mean, right now I’m #1 on every chart, every playlist, and station … if I can pay for all of that, surely you have R100 to spare.”

The rap artist added that artists should not be the only ones that address the issue of piracy in South Africa. He encouraged music consumers to actively work on eradicating the problem as well.

“To the people who buy and support local artists, like damn … aren’t you annoyed you spent money on music that people steal without flinching???”

The ‘Jealousy’ hit-maker said if he comes across a fan with illegally downloaded music, he will confiscate their phone. In September 2016, AKA threw a fan’s phone over the balcony after the fan tried to snap a picture of him and his ex-girlfriend Bonang Matheba.

Aphiwe Mame
[email protected]