AKA and Prince Kaybee’s friendship sparks speculation about rivalry with Cassper Nyovest

Following Prince Kaybee’s post, which saw him standing with AKA at the airport, social media users have speculated that perhaps their friendship was further motivation for Prince Kaybee’s rivalry with Cassper Nyovest.

Prince Kaybee went onto his social media pages on Monday, 5 August 2019 to share two images of his arrival in Cape Town. The two images he shared revealed the Fetch Your Life hitmaker meeting and talking to rapper, AKA. Soon after posting the images, social media commented on the reunion of the two friends and remarked that the friendship could possibly explain Prince Kaybee and Cassper Nyovest’s rivalry earlier in the year.

The two pictures shared by Prince Kaybee show AKA making Prince Kaybee listen to something on his phone. The one image is in black-and-white, while the other is in colour.  Prince Kaybee captioned the images by writing, “Touch down, Cape Town. AKA”

The tweet has currently generated over 9 400 likes and a string of comments. The first comment on the post was an observation from a follower asking, “Does everyone who has friction with Cassper automatically become AKA’s buddy?” Another follower offered an answer by stating, “Or maybe, secretly, everyone who’s had disagreements with Cassper, always preferred AKA’s music.”

Moreover, one of the most tweeted replies on the post was the popular saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” with multiple comments stating the saying and adding their own variation of a meme or gif. Some followers went as far as tagging Cassper Nyovest on the images.

On the same day as Prince Kaybee’s post, Cassper Nyovest posted about an important lesson he has learnt recently, which related to not forcing yourself onto people that do not like you. The rapper wrote, “Growing up comes with tough lessons. One of them is not to force yourself onto people. If they [vibe] with you, they’ll make an effort. If they don’t, you’ll know it. My life [has] been mad smooth since I learnt that. I only have relationships that are mutually nourished. I don’t chase.”