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AKA criticised for lambasting the ANC after previous endorsement

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AKA’s recent tweets regarding the ANC’s strategy to distribute the coronavirus vaccine has sparked much conversation, as some have reminded him that he once endorsed the ruling party.

AKA took to Twitter on Tuesday, 12 January 2021, to spark a debate on religion and science, following the announcement that the coronavirus vaccine had been procured for South Africans. His views on the matter were questioned in the days to follow, as some looked back on when AKA endorsed the African National Congress (ANC), and further encouraged his followers to do the same.

In early 2020, AKA was one of the first public figures to reveal that they had contracted COVID-19, and had used his platform to speak about the dangers of the virus. During that time, AKA was accused of faking his diagnosis per the government’s request, as he was allegedly paid to advocate for staying at home and abiding by the laws.

Referencing this, some users reminded AKA that although he is now criticising the government, they have not forgotten the time he publicly endorsed the contentious party. One user asked, “Why did you tell people to vote for Cyril Ramaphosa, then he stole R500 dillion. Did you benefit anything from it?” AKA sarcastically responded, “I benefitted a lot. I even got paid 10 million dollars to pretend I had COVID-19. Seriously. Not joking.”

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