AKA features industry friends in Cross My Heart music video

AKA has released the first music video, Cross My Heart, from his recent triple release, enlisting some of his industry friends to make cameo appearances.

AKA released the Cross My Heart music video on Wednesday, 15 July 2020. The music video marks the first single from his triple release to have the visuals released, with Energy, featuring Gemini Major, and Monuments, featuring Grandmaster Reddy D, still to have their visuals released.

The Cross My Heart music video was shot by Studio Space Pictures, and references AKA’s latest love story. Although the music video does not feature his girlfriend, the song is dedicated to her, therefore, referencing the site where they were first captured together.

The music video, however, does not follow a linear narrative, and is carried by the rapper’s industry friends who make cameo appearances. Some of the personalities who appear in the music video are DJ Speedsta and L-Tido.

Watch the Cross My Heart music video below.