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AKA is shutting down his media company Beam Group

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AKA announced on Monday, 1 October, that he will no longer will be represented by his media company Beam Group.

Beam Group media company was founded by rapper AKA (real name Kiernan Forbes) and Prince Costinyo in 2016. The company released AKA’s latest album, Touch My Blood, in June 2018. A team of creatives from the company also designed the album’s cover art.

In recent weeks, speculation has been rife that AKA may be leaving Beam Group to return to his previous label, Vth Season, owned by Raphael Benza. However, both AKA and Costinyo insisted that all was well with their business partnership over social media and in interviews.

Now, AKA has announced that he is in fact no longer under Beam Group management and that he plans to shut the company down all together. He sent out a series of posts explaining his decision on Monday, 1 October.

Here are some of AKA’s tweets confirming the shutdown of the company:
“Unfortunately I also have to announce that Beam Group now no longer represents or manages me in ANY capacity. While I remain the owner of the company, I’m actually in the process of shutting it down.”

“We started the company with the best of intentions, unfortunately it’s just not working out for me the way I wanted it to … so I’m taking my ball and going to play elsewhere.”

“That’s business [you] know, you try … you fail, you get up, you dust yourself off and you keep it moving.”

“The truth is, AKA is really the “company”. So, having a company is actually quite pointless since I’m AKA.”

“I wish him [Prince Costinyo] all the best. He’s a great businessman, I’m sure he’ll go on to do awesome things.”

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