AKA responds to Cassper Nyovest, proclaims himself a proud South African

AKA urged social media users to post the South African flag on their timelines to proudly proclaim their South African status, following Cassper Nyovest’s tweet that he wished he was Nigerian.

On Monday, 29 July 2019, South African rapper AKA took to Twitter to urge social media users to stand for South Africa and be proud of who they are. He said that being South African is a privilege and an honour and nobody should be misled into thinking otherwise. Following the post, a multitude of social media users posted the South African flag in response to AKA’s tweet request.

Some social media users felt that AKA’s tweet was an indirect message to Cassper Nyovest’s earlier tweet in which he said he wished he was Nigerian. In the tweet, Cassper shared that his wish was based on the premise that Nigerians support their culture, their own local music and boasted predominantly Nigerian content on TV and radio.

The suspected indirect spat between the two was said by some social media users to be as a direct result of their unresolved conflict as they are considered to be rivals.

In the continued thread, AKA ended off by saying that one should not ever be ashamed of being proud of their country, a lesson that could possibly be learnt from Nigerian artists. “You cannot disown your own people and in the next breath want to lead them. Somebody had to say something. Unfortunately or fortunately (it depends on how you look at it)…somehow it always has to be me”, AKA said.