AKA shares first sample of his new music

Acclaimed South African hip-hop artist, AKA, pleasantly surprised his Twitter followers when he released a sample of the new music he is working on.

In the evening of Wednesday, 17 July 2019, AKA surprised his Twitter fans by releasing a sample of the new music he is working on. The video, which is over two minutes long, features the camera focused on a speaker while AKA can be heard rapping to what he described as a “new age kwaito” beat.

The caption of the video stated, “Getting there slowly. Taking advice. Mind some of the rubbish words… But it’s taking shape, [you know what I mean].” The video has received 29 000 views, 1 700 likes and over 400 retweets in less than 24 hours.

Many of the comments on the post were simply congratulatory, with his fans sharing how excited they were to hear the final product. Some fans took it upon themselves to suggest who the artist can feature to make it a certified hit single. One fan suggested that AKA should work with past collaborator, Burna Boy, on the single, to which AKA replied by saying that he was thinking of working with Tresor instead.

News of AKA working on new music comes as a pleasant surprise, as the artist last released a full album in 2018, Touch My Blood. The artist is still promoting one of the singles from the album, Jika, featuring Yanga Chief.

Watch the video of AKA sampling new music below.