AKA shares new advice on how to avoid negativity on social media

Acclaimed rapper, AKA, previously advised and promoted drinking water as a means to mind one’s own business on social media. Now, the artist has provided a second way to avoid negativity.

AKA sporadically makes impromptu comebacks to Twitter to share his thoughts on burning topics. However, the musician has lately been posting more frequently. His latest post on Twitter detailed how fans can avoid negativity on the various social media platforms. Initially, the star had provided the popular drinking water and minding your own business tactic. However, on Monday, 12 August 2019, he provided a second tactic to avoid negativity on social media.

The Touch My Blood hitmaker stated, “Next time someone says something insulting to you on Twitter, just pretend like it’s in a language that you don’t speak or understand. It’s just words at the end of the day. Words from someone you don’t even know. No use getting upset about it.”

His advice quickly gained traction with it currently sitting at over 7 700 likes, 2 000 retweets and a string of comments from followers that shared their opinions on the advice he provided. One of the first comments referenced AKA’s rival, Cassper Nyovest’s thread, revealing all the social media users he has blocked by stating, “Another dude is busy blocking us for no reason bro, imagine.”

Some fans disagreed with the star, writing, “You can’t just pretend when someone is cyberbullying you!” Another fan who disagreed with the artist stated, “Pretending like you didn’t understand won’t help because [fact remains, your heart] will be pumping fast.”

However, other social media users came in support of the star, saying, “This is actually pretty good advice AKA.” Another follower offered their new response as an agreement by writing, “From now on my response will be “is that Chinese?” Thanks Super Mega.”