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AKA tweets: “Plot twist. I am the reason the ANC won the election”

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AKA was on the receiving end of social media’s ridicule after he tweeted that he had experienced loadshedding since last night and into this morning.

On Friday, 8 November 2019, AKA took to Twitter to post, “Electricity [has] been out since 22:00, they said it would be back on at 05:00.  It’s still off. This is madness. Surely this is [messing] up our economy. Badly.” Loadshedding had been trending on Twitter since the morning and social media users took to his comments section to share their thoughts.

One of the comments was from a social media user that suggested that the F.R.E.E rapper was partly to blame because “it’s those people you told us to vote for. Luckily, some of us know how to separate politics and entertainment.” AKA responded by saying, “You know, everyone is entitled to vote as they see fit. Me, I don’t see anyone else who can fix it. Especially not those guys who hate the Springboks and not those guys who build toilets that let our people’s poo free fall for 30 seconds.”

AKA replied to multiple tweets from fans, where he vehemently expressed that he does not regret who he voted for. However, the rapper lost his temper after a social media user asked him, “What is the ANC doing about loadshedding,” in a since deleted post. AKA did not mince his words, writing, “Ask the f*cking ANC! Mxm. What am I? The ANC call centre, tech support?”

He went on to say, “People tweeting me like, yeah so! You voted for them! What are they doing about load shedding huh? This is the problem, you want celebrities to reconnect your electricity. You got it all f*cked up and *ss backwards.”

The rapper eventually found his humour and returned to Twitter to rhetorically post, “So, wait. If I’m the reason there’s load shedding then that means I am the reason the ANC won the election!” His last tweet on the matter reiterated, “Plot twist. I am the reason the ANC won the election. Makes total sense.”

Sabelo Makhubo
[email protected]