AKA’s ‘Fela in Versace’ reaches 100K views in 24 hours

AKA’s latest hit single, which features Nigerian producer Kiddominant, reached 100,000 views within 24 hours and he has taken to Twitter to acknowledge the support.

Award-winning musician AKA is acknowledging his ‘Fela in Versace’ music video reaching 100,000 views within its first day of release. The rapper took to social media last night to thank his fans for their support, but mentions that video views don’t mean much to him anymore. This comes after his YouTube channel was tampered with in May, with his music videos being deleted and re-uploaded, resulting in him losing all his views.

“Thank you for the 100K views in a day but for me it’s never about the views. What matters most is the music. A lot of my videos views were wiped out mysteriously remember? Millions of views. Years worth of work. So it doesn’t really mean much to me anymore,” he tweeted.

His loyal fans responded to his tweet by saying that they will ensure that the video reaches at least a million views.

Twitter user @SKay_SA commented:

“We don’t care we taking it to million views uthanda ungathandi!”

AKA has also reached out to his fans and asked for their opinion on which song he should release and shoot the music video for next, with ‘Jika’ and ‘Me & You’ evidently being fan favourites.