AKA’s new songs claim top spots on Apple Music

AKA released three new singles; Cross My Heart, Energy and Monuments, which claimed the top three spots on Apple Music’s local charts within six hours.

AKA released his three new singles on Friday, 22 May 2020. The singles include the lead single Cross My Heart, Energy featuring Gemini Major, and Monuments featuring Yanga Chief and Grandmaster Ready D.

Cross My Heart is a hip-hop love ballad dedicated to AKA’s new mystery girlfriend. The song explains the dynamics of his alleged relationship with the 21-year-old woman. In the song, the controversial figure acknowledges that he can be difficult at times.

Energy hears AKA “reclaiming” the top spot in the local hip-hop industry. For Gemini Major, the song functions as a self-fulfilling prophecy of the continued respect he is receiving as a hip-hop producer.

Monuments uses a classic hip-hop beat to further emphasise the rapper’s music journey. The song is about AKA and Yanga Chief reflecting on the current state of the local hip-hop landscape, over veteran DJ Ready D’s scratching.

Cross My Heart, Energy and Monuments are available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Cross My Heart, Energy and Monuments below.