Alan Walker confirms his girlfriend’s identity during a social media Q&A

On Sunday, 13 October 2019, Norwegian musician, Alan Walker, revealed the identity of his girlfriend during a question and answer session on his Instagram page.

Alan Walker offered his followers on Instagram a chance to get to know him better. He posted an image of himself standing in front of a microphone and captioned the image by saying, “Do you have any questions you want to ask me? Comment down below and I’ll answer a couple.”

Questions from his followers were varied, with some followers inquiring about what he is currently listening to, where fans can purchase his signature mask and one of the questions to receive the most interaction was about who the DJ is currently dating. Ironically, the question was asked by Viivi Niemi, who is his girlfriend.

Many of Alan’s fans had a good laugh with Viivi after she posted the question. One of the comments asked her, “If Alan doesn’t answer this, you’re always welcome to be mine.” Another user expressed their surprise at the question writing, “What, he has a girlfriend! Wow, I did not know.”

Besides her being popular on Instagram, little is known about Viivi. Her first post that featured Alan was back in November 2018, which was a group photograph of their trip in Gothenburg. She posted another image in February 2019 before posting a confirmation post on March.

Alan, on his Instagram page, posted their first image together in May 2019. In his caption to the image, the DJ cryptically hints at their budding romance writing, “Being a tourist in Finland with the best tour guide.” He ended his caption with heart emojis to drive the point across.