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All secrets are revealed in this week’s episode of Still Breathing

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Thursday night’s episode of Still Breathing will see all the major secrets of the season finally come out, as everyone attempts to heal from the tragedies around them.

The upcoming episode of M-Net’s Still Breathing, which airs on Thursday, 14 May 2020, will see Abi having to deal with the betray of her best friend Candice, who she discovered was having an affair with her late husband. Abi slowly begins to connect the dots on all the deceit, realising that Lucy did not lie to her at her wedding and that their friendship was unnecessarily damaged.

Thereafter, Danny comes clean to Jess about their financial situation and the extents he has gone to keep them afloat. Trent’s parents will also have to deal with the history of Olivier, and the truth about who is mother really is. The entire group are left grappling to make sense of all that has transpired following Trent’s death, and are left wondering if anyone is as they seemed.

Watch the preview for the upcoming episode of Still Breathing below.

Sayushka Naidoo
[email protected]