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Amanda Black braids her own hair using multi-coloured extensions 

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Amanda Black has shown off another skill of hers, besides singing, which has been revealed as her ability to braid her own hair without the help of anyone else.

Amanda Black, a multi-award-winning South African singer, took to Instagram to share a video showcasing one of her hidden talents. The clip, which was captioned, “Multi-talented Amanda,” showed her combing through multi-coloured extensions before braiding her natural hair.

Amanda first showed off her natural hair, which she sectioned into different parts, allowing her to systematically braid through each section. She then cut through the extensions, allocating specific portions to each braid. Eventually, the singer’s whole head was complete with seamless braids, showing that she was able to complete the process alone. Fans praised Amanda in the comments section, with many claiming that it is difficult to braid another person, let alone yourself.

Watch Amanda Black’s video below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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