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Amanda Black releases Khumbula music video, featuring Ami Faku

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Amanda Black has released the music video for her current single, Khumbula, featuring Ami Faku, capturing two states of missing and longing in the Grecian-inspired visuals.

Amanda Black released the music video to her current single, Khumbula, featuring Ami Faku on Friday, 31 July 2020. The music video marks the fourth single to receive visuals from her 2019-released sophomore album, Power. Khumbula comes after for the release of the Thandwa Ndim, Egoli and Ndizele Wena music videos.

Shot and created by Clout Cassette’s Morale Pablo Phala, the music video starts off with Grecian-inspired visuals, as the two musicians appear dressed in complementary white garments.

The music video’s narrative is focused on showcasing two states of longing. Amanda Black’s story is of an intimate longing and missing between lovers. Ami Faku’s storyline, on the other hand, is the longing between family members, featuring a mother and son relationship with Ami Faku as the intermedium.

Watch the Khumbula music video below.

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