Amanda Black releases third studio album, Mnyama

Amanda Black has released her third studio album, Mnyama, with the current lead single being the third single on the album, Ungayeki.

Amanda Black took to Instagram on Friday, 6 August 2021, to confirm the release of her third studio album, Mnyama. The album follows the release of her 2019 critically acclaimed album, Power. The 10-track album is one written and sung by the musician, who has acknowledged the healing powers of her music. Moreover, it marks the musician’s fifth year as a recording artist and 10 years since she professionally ventured into music.

Shared with the release of the album was the inspiration behind it. According to the description shared, “Lyrically, Mnyama is a stream of ambivalent ruminations on heartbreak, self-doubt, confusion, and optimism.” Adding, “A breakup that concurred with this introspection didn’t make matters any easier.” Going on to quote Black as having stated, “So, it was the breakup and then the world ending.”

Already released as singles from the album are Kutheni Na, featuring Kwesta, and Let It Go. Moreover, Black released her latest lead single, Ungayeki, featuring Berita, on the same day as the album.

The album is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Mnyama below.