Ami Faku collaborates with an all-female line-up on new single, Ungazilibali (don’t forget yourself)

On Friday, 20 September 2019, Ami Faku released an independent single, Ungazilibali (don’t forget yourself), from her upcoming album, featuring an all-female line-up including American musician, Eryn Allen Kane.

Ami Faku has continued to promote her upcoming album with the release of her latest single, featuring some of the most prominent leading female vocalists in South Africa.  Ungazilibali (don’t forget yourself) features vocals from Msaki, former Freshly Ground lead vocalist, Zolani, Bonga Kwana and Eryn Allen Kane.

The single fittingly speaks to South Africa’s current topical issue of femicide and gender-based violence. The mid-tempo and soulful single details the journey of young girls who grow up to be courageous women who are secure in the knowledge that, albeit being strong, they can lean on the support of the sisterhood they’ve formed.

The single’s artwork features the five women performing the song live and depicts the creation of the song as an impromptu session. Leading to the final product.

The process of the single’s creation is captured on Milestone Recording Studio’s social media pages in a video that was released on Monday, 16 September 2019. The video depicts how the five women came together in studio and worked on the song. Assuming the role of narrator, Msaki explains that the song only happened because there are five women in a room, saying, “It’s been really special because that’s something you can only accomplish when there’s five women in the room. It’s a very unique way to write, and I think this song is going to be beautiful.”

The single is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Ungazilibali (don’t forget yourself) below.