Andor: Did Luthen have a lightsaber?

In Andor, it is not clear yet whether the object that Saw’s guards find on Luthen is really a lightsaber, but this has given way to some interesting theories.

Andor is one of the more recent instalments in the Star Wars franchise and the show has received very positive reviews from fans so far.

The newest element of the show that fans have noticed in episode 11 is that it looks like Saw’s guards find a lightsaber on Luthen. Although this has not yet been confirmed, many fans of the show have shared their theories on social media.

Is Andor worth the watch?

The Star Wars franchise has had its fair share of new entries over the last few years, and though some people have enjoyed the abundance of content, others worry that Disney+ is sacrificing quality for quantity.

However, thus far, Andor, which was first released on the Disney+ platform on 21 September 2022, has received glowing reviews from fans and critics alike.

The main reason for this is that the plot is ever-evolving and the combination of the gritty old-school Star Wars look and feel of the show and the excellent writing makes the show well worth the watch for fans of the franchise.

Andor: Did Luthen have a lightsaber?

One of the things that fans of the Andor series love most about the story so far is that the creators of the show do not lean heavily on nostalgia. So far, there has not even been a mention of a Jedi, a Sith, or the Force at all throughout the show.

However, in episode 11 of the first season of the series, fans of the show have noticed a weapon that looks suspiciously similar to a lightsaber hilt, which Luthen Rael takes with him when he goes to meet Saw Gerrera and is searched by his guards.

Although we will most likely not know whether this hilt is really a lightsaber or whether it is just some other weapon that looks similar until later in the season, fans of the show have already started to share their theories about why Luthen may have or may not have a real lightsaber in his possession.

However, when this possible lightsaber is paired with what little is known about Luthen, it gives way to a theory that some fans have held about him all along – the theory that he is actually a Jedi.

Why it is unlikely that Luthen truly has a lightsaber?

In classic Andor fashion, it is not clear whether the hilt found on Luthen actually belongs to a lightsaber, but some fans think that it is quite unlikely that Luthen would just carry this with him.

The main evidence of this is that although the hilt does look similar to that of a lightsaber, the guards who searched Luthen would surely have noticed if that was what it was, and this means that it is likely just another type of weapon.

After all, it would be silly of Luthen to take his lightsaber to such an important meeting and risk having it confiscated.

Why it is likely that Luthen does have a lightsaber?

Fans who are convinced that the hilt that the guards find when they search Luthen is a lightsaber have made a few valid points about why he may have a lightsaber to begin with.

Firstly, Luthen is known for his Galactic Antiquities and Objects of Interest in Coruscant gallery, so it is highly likely that he came across this lightsaber in some of his dealings, and this is why he has one.

People have also speculated on social media for some time that the lasers on Luthen’s ship look like lightsabers, so it is also likely that he has a whole collection of lightsabers and that the one that the guards found is just another one.

Other, less official piece of evidence which suggests that this object is really a lightsaber is the fact that Luthen sort of dresses like a Jedi, which links to the theory that he has actually been a Jedi all along.

The ‘Luthen is actually a Jedi’ theory

This is the main reason why some people believe that the object found on Luthen is a real lightsaber and that this indicates that he is, in fact a Jedi.

Luthen also has a kyber crystal and because of his discussion with Lonni, where it sounds as though he may have been a Jedi Temple Guard when Order 66 was executed, the theory has really gained traction on social media.

To add to this, Luthen also has one of their masks hanging in his gallery, which could tie this theory together.