Andor: Does Kino Loy survive?

It is still not confirmed whether Kino Loy survives his escape in Andor from Narkina 5 after he and Cassian are separated.

Andor may only be the most recent show in a long line of new Star Wars shows, but it has already received very good reviews.

The show features many complex characters, including Kino Loy, who helps Cassian to organise a prison break from Narkina 5, even though he knows that he cannot swim. It is still unclear whether he survives this escape or not.

How popular is Andor really?

The newest entry into the Star Wars franchise is the Andor series. This show managed to win over viewers with its excellent cast and gritty, action-filled plots.

Andor received positive ratings from casual viewers, loyal fans, and critics alike. However, even though the show has been so well received, Andor still has the lowest viewership among all of the Star Wars content that is on Disney+.

This may seem counterintuitive, but in reality, Star Wars fans have warned Disney+ that they are flooding their platform with too much content and that even the biggest Star Wars supporters are starting to get fatigue from watching every new show and film.

Andor: Does Kino Loy survive?

One thing that has impressed fans so much about Andor so far is the complexity of the characters in the show. Even though most of the focus is on Cassian Andor, whom the show is named after, the secondary characters are given just as much time to shine.

This is especially true when it comes to Kino Loy. Although Andy Serkis does a remarkable job at bringing this character to life, as always, Kino is one of the most complex characters to ever be featured on the show.

When viewers are first introduced to Kino Loy, he is one of the prisoners in the Narkina 5 facility where he is mostly focused on serving out his sentence in order to earn his freedom without a fuss.

However, when he and Cassian discover that this facility is just a forced labour camp and that their chances of getting out are basically non-existent, the two rally all of the other prisoners to plan their escape.

However, the twist comes in at the end of this escape plan where Kino admits to Cassian that although they have now helped all of the prisoners to escape by jumping into the water, he cannot swim, right before Cassian is swept away by the mob.

Although this confession makes it seem like a done deal that Kino is dead and would never have survived, the showrunner of Andor, Tony Gilroy, and actor, Andy Serkis, has have egged on rumours by saying that they do not feel like such an important character would die so easily and that they are not sure if he is really dead.

This means that fans of the show may have to wait a while longer to find out if Kino Loy really survived the escape in episode 10.

Why does Kino Loy encourage other prisoners to escape when he knows he cannot swim?

From the first moment that Kino Loy is introduced, it is clear that he is not particularly bothered with politics or changing the world. He is only concerned with doing what he has to do so that he can eventually be free.

However, Andy Serkis has been open about the fact that he wanted to have a real moment where a switch is flipped and Kino realises that he can serve other people and help the others to find their freedom, instead of only worrying about his own.

Why do Kino and Cassian decide to organise the escape from Narkina 5?

Kino and Cassian really only decide to start encouraging the other prisoners to pursue their prison break after they find out that they would never be able to be free after serving out their sentences.

Kino and Cassian discover that Narkina 5 is just a way for the Empire to use them as free labour and that the only way that they will ever be able to get out is by dying or escaping, which is what drives them to start their coup.

What is the significance of a character like Kino?

Even though Kino’s fate is still undetermined at this point, it is clear that his realisation that living under the Empire’s rule is just exploitative is a significant indication that rumours of the rebellion, which at this point were just whispers at the far edges of society, were starting to make their way to normal people who are unhappy with the way that things are going.