Anel Alexander and Wayne van Rooyen detail their characters, Marieke and Wesley Meyer, on M-Net’s Inconceivable

Anel Alexander and Wayne van Rooyen shared insight into their characters on M-Net’s Inconceivable, Marieke and Wesley Meyer, a couple whose marriage is tested when responsibility is shifted.

Anel Alexander and Wayne van Rooyen will be assuming the roles of Marieke and Wesley Meyer respectively in M-Net’s Inconceivable, which premieres on Thursday, 3 September 2020. Anel stated that her character is known as the moral compass in the storyline, as her intention to do the right thing often causes tension in her relationships with her husband and friends. She claimed that Marieke’s loyalty can be seen as a good or bad thing, depending on which side the audience takes when seeing the scenarios she is put in.

Wayne van Rooyen plays Wesley, Marieke’s husband and a father of two. As Marieke takes on the responsibility of being the breadwinner in their household, Wesley struggles with his ego, as he feels emasculated by not being the provider.

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