Anele Mdoda acknowledges male support in son’s life, despite his father’s involvement

Anele Mdoda has expressed her gratitude at the contributing male figures in her son, Alakhe’s life, despite his father’s presence and the speculation surrounding their relationship.

Anele Mdoda took to Twitter on Saturday, 16 January 2021, to share her thoughts on third parties being involved in a child’s life, which she advocates for. According to the single mother of six-year-old Alakhe, it is important for children to have the correct support system in their life, even though their parents are there. The media personality made sure to note that Alakhe’s father still plays an active role in his life, however, if he didn’t, he would still have the support structure he needs.

She stated, “I have such a strong unit of men who [are] always surrounding Alakhe, helping me shape and raise him. It’s so necessary, even if Alakhe’s dad was not active (which he is), it would suck but my unit would have me.”

Anele’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend has always been out of the public eye, causing for social media users to consistently speculate about the role he plays in their son’s life.

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