Anele Mdoda affirms readiness to answer to Kelly Rowland questions

Anele Mdoda has affirmed that she is always open to answering questions on her inflammatory comments about Kelly Rowland, which continue to be rehashed on social media.

Anele Mdoda took to Twitter on Thursday, 17 June 2021, to affirm that she will always be open to answering questions on her  inflammatory tweet about Kelly Rowland from 2020. Mdoda suggested that Rowland is not beautiful without makeup on. Due to the backlash she received from “American Twitter,” South Africans have continued to rehash the matter whenever Rowland posts an image.

This was the case when Rowland’s image with Jay-Z was circulated on Thursday, 17 June 2021, on Twitter. Eventually, Mdoda’s name trended at number one. Coincidentally, Mdoda was the special co-host on YFM’s drive-time show, hosted by Khutso Theledi. Theledi asked Mdoda about the continued cyberbullying she faces and if she still stands by her statement.

Mdoda affirmed that she stands by her sentiments as that is her opinion. Overall, Mdoda echoed sentiments that she has shared in the past that her opinion should not be regarded as a universal truth, but must be respected as her subjective opinion.

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