Anele Mdoda announces new show, Oh Baby

Media personality, Anele Mdoda, has announced a new reality competition centring around expectant mothers and their impending baby showers, titled Oh Baby.

In a post shared on social media today, 23 July 2019, Mdoda thrilled fans with the announcement of the upcoming reality series, Oh Baby. The show will see a number of expecting mothers compete for the best baby shower, with the host guiding them along on the journey.

Mdoda stated on social media, “Attention all Moms-to-be! Are you and your loved ones planning your baby shower between September and November 2019? We are looking for entries for our brand new baby show competition show. If you want to win awesome prizes and get your 15 minutes of fame on TV, send us an email with your details!”

Fans shared their excitement on the social media post, with many stating that they will now be planning their baby showers around the show’s schedule. Sherilyn Pillay commented, “What if you saw this post and decided to move your baby shower up a few weeks?”, to which the host responded with, “Then so be it.” Others asked for more clarity on the show and the requirements for entrants, with Kamonka Moheleng asking, “Should it be only the moms who enter, not the friends planning on behalf of the mom?”.

Production for Oh Baby will commence in late 2019, with fans speculating that the show will premiere in 2020. Neither Anele Mdoda nor the production company have revealed any further information on the impending competition series.