Anele Mdoda claps back at Phat Joe for questioning her role as a Miss SA judge

Media personality, Anele Mdoda, unleashed her anger on Twitter in response to offensive comments made by Phat Joe on his Radio 2000 breakfast show today, 7 August 2019.

Media personality, Phat Joe, shared his opinions about television host, Anele Mdoda, who has recently been announced as a judge for the Miss South Africa pageant, which is set to take place on Friday, 9 August 2019. Phat Joe responded to the news with a series of distasteful comments on Mdoda, which implied that the decision to have her as a judge was just to make up numbers and come across as inclusive. He carried on by saying that she does not fit the mould of someone who should be judging others based on their beauty.

Mdoda took to Twitter today, 7 August 2019, to defend her place on the judging panel and speak against the comments made by Phat Joe. She stated, “Phat Joe, I have judged Miss SA for four years now and picked a Miss World. My beauty has nothing to do with whether I can see beauty or not. Do me a favour and say [those things] to my face the next time you scrape an invite to something relevant.” She also posted another tweet which stated, “Phat Joe is so obsessed with me. Like a dog barking at cars that won’t ever stop. He should concentrate on being at a radio gig longer than five minutes.”

Fans also defended Mdoda on social media, with many condemning Phat Joe for his comments. Naomie shared a tweet which stated, “I’m so tired of supposed men hiding behind buttons to abuse women!!! If he can type it, he should be man enough to say it to you.”