Anele Mdoda frustrated by those who give backhanded compliments to bigger women

Anele Mdoda has expressed her annoyance at those who applaud big women for being confident, questioning if they believe that they should not be because of their weight.

Anele Mdoda took to Twitter today, 3 March 2021, to vent about the backhanded compliments she has received as a fuller-figured woman. In particular, she made reference to those who applaud bigger women for being confident despite being big, which she finds ludicrous. She stated, “Only big girls are applauded for being confident. I want to know why you expect us to not be confident. You wake up, come here, and project your low esteem of self on us. Rather keep quiet. The sun will rise and surely set.”

Twitter users immediately joined the conversation, with some questioning why Anele was bothered by the opinions of others as they are allowed to possess thoughts that do not align with hers. Specifically, one user made mention of her ongoing Twitter saga with Kelly Rowland, whom she once ridiculed for her appearance without makeup.

Anele responded, “You are allowed to not think I am as pretty as Minnie or whoever. Much like I do not think Kelly is as pretty as Beyoncé, but what I am saying here is, stop calling big girls confident unless you can explain why they should not be. Well done, Anele replied to you. Go forth and conquer.”

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