Anele Mdoda gets verified instead of cancelled by Miss SA organisation

Anele Mdoda was boastful following verification on Twitter, after Twitter users attempted to have her cancelled by the Miss SA pageant for her inflammatory tweet.

Anele Mdoda took to Twitter on Thursday, 30 September 2021, to share a post which read, “The chubbier the girl, the more peaceful she is. The skeletons are rude.” Mdoda posted the image with an equally dry-humoured caption. No stranger to cyberbullying, the post was bombarded with posts which suggested that the media personality was body shaming people who are considered thin or slender.

Moreover, some Twitter users then began to tag the Miss South Africa organisation’s Twitter account. The aim was to have Mdoda removed from her obligations as part of the Miss South Africa pageant. In September 2021, Mdoda was confirmed as one of two co-hosts for the televised aspect of the pageant, scheduled for later this month. Moreover, Mdoda has been part of the judging panel for years. Therefore, Twitter users suggested that she is not a good example to lead or influence the pageant.

The Miss SA organisation has not yet addressed the matter, nor does it seem like it will, in light of the actual content of the inflammatory post. Moreover, it seems that the cyberbullying and continual trending of the personality has finally gotten her verified on Twitter, which she thanked her American cyberbullies for.

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