Anele Mdoda raises R1.2 million towards school sanitation project

Anele Mdoda took to Twitter on Tuesday, 16 July 2019, to share that she has successfully raised R1.2 million towards a toilet building initiative in partnership with Unilever.

South African media personality, Anele Mdoda, retweed a post on Twitter, from the South African parliament, announcing that Anele has successfully raised R1.2 million towards building new toilets for schools in a Unilever project.

Previously, Anele shared a photo from a news headline, which revealed that she is part of an initiative that seeks to raise funds to build new and improved toilets for school children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

In the shared post from Wednesday, 3 July 2019, Anele asked her followers, and anyone willing to be part of the initiative, to each contribute an amount of R10 towards raising funds for the project. In a video detailing the terrible conditions of the toilets in some of the schools, Anele emotionally shared that it is unacceptable that young children have to endure such conditions. Asked if she would use a toilet in that condition by a learner in one of the schools, Anele responded that she wouldn’t as she felt that no one should be subject to such conditions.

Anele also mentioned that the new toilets will be revealed to the public at the end of July. The school that has already benefited from the initiative is reportedly Thembalethu Primary School in Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape.

Watch the video of Anele detailing the schools sanitation project below.