Anele Mdoda sides with Somizi Mhlongo’s decision to lambast journalists

Anele Mdoda has weighed in on the drama surrounding Somizi Mhlongo’s response to a local journalist, suggesting that the approach showed a lack of effort.

Anele Mdoda took to Twitter on Tuesday, 19 January 2021, to comment on the drama surrounding Somizi Mhlongo, who recently called out a journalist for questioning him on the state of his and Mohale Motaung’s marriage. According to Anele, journalists and publications should not approach public figures directly as if they are friends, but rather, they should show effort in hunting for a story, much like international paparazzi and media.

She stated, “This thing of journalists only wanting to text to find out what’s happening in our personal lives like we are friends will result in someone losing an eye. Surely if you want the story, you need to hunt it down, do stakeout in trees, long lenses, helicopters… You know, effort.”

Some argued that Anele’s suggestion would be far more invasive, and that going to the source directly is a better way to verify a story. The 947 host then elaborated on her point, and reiterated that she expects more effort from local journalists, instead of them asking one question and basing a full article on the answer.

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