Anele Mdoda takes another dig at Kelly Rowland

Anele Mdoda took another dig at Kelly Rowland by suggesting that if her fans were as supportive of her career as they are focused on criticising her, Kelly would be as successful as Beyoncé.

Anele Mdoda took to Twitter on Monday, 3 August 2020, to defiantly stand by her previous stance about Kelly Rowland not being beautiful without makeup. She faced a new wave of backlash following Kelly’s appearance in Beyoncé’s Black Is King visual album, however, she remained unapologetic about her previous sentiments. Moreover, as the cyberbullying continued, Anele responded to a user with another slight directed at Kelly.

The 947 personality suggested that if Kelly’s fans were as supportive and focused on her career as they are on ridiculing her for her previous tweet, she would be more successful. This resulted in a fresh wave of ridicule and criticism, with one user stating that Anele deserves the constant cyberbullying because of her comment.

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