Anele Mdoda to host new talk show, The Buzz

Anele Mdoda has been announced as one of the hosts of the new talk show, The Buzz, which will be broadcast on DStv’s newest channel, HONEY.

Anele Mdoda has been confirmed as the host of yet another show, The Buzz, as announced by DStv in a statement on Tuesday, 2 February 2021, on HONEY. The media personality will be joined by Pearl Umeh from Nigeria, Rachel Wakesho from Kenya, Zanna Katoka from the DRC, and Davina Mavuwa from Zimbabwe, who will be offering their personal opinions on subject matters that pertain to their different countries and cultures.

DStv stated, “Sparks fly as these five women, with different personalities and from different cultures, solve a viewer’s dilemma, whether concerning romance, health, side hustle or family and friends.”

The Buzz forms part of the first content output from DStv’s newest channel, HONEY, which will be launching on Monday, 15 January 2021. The channel aims to showcase solely African content, with shows such as The Buzz being used as a platform for the different countries to come together.