Anele Mdoda under the spotlight again after Kelly Rowland’s post

Anele Mdoda trended on Twitter, yet again, when Kelly Rowland posted an image of herself; this after the 947 personality previously claimed that Kelly is not beautiful without makeup.

Anele Mdoda trended again on Twitter on Sunday, 6 September 2020, after former Destiny’s Child member, Kelly Rowland, posted an image of herself. In what has become a trend, Anele’s name trended after Kelly posted the image, with many lambasting her previous comment on Kelly’s beauty.

Anele had tweeted that Kelly is only pretty with makeup on. Since then, she has been reminded of the comment every time the songstress posts an image of her natural beauty.

Anele has not yet addressed the latest commentary, however, she was unbothered by a similar incident and criticism on social media in recent months. She claimed that remaining topical has been very lucrative for her and has helped her gain international traction.

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