Anele Mdoda’s inflammatory LGBTQI+ tweets resurface

Anele Mdoda was trending due to the rehashing of her tweet suggesting that gay men who are “hot” are a waste.

Anele Mdoda took to Twitter on Wednesday, 14 April 2021, to comment on the pressure experienced by some public personalities to speak on topical matters. Mdoda stated, “This thing of forcing people to have a say on something is gutter as hell. All incidents hit people differently. Perhaps the one person you are pushing to have a say is busy dealing with their own issues over said incident. Just stop.”

Due to her stance, some users suggested that she should have had a similar stance in 2015 when she shared an inflammatory tweet directed at gay men. Mdoda seemed to suggest that gay men who are “hot” are a waste.

Mdoda has not yet responded to the backlash sparked by the resurfacing of the inflammatory tweet. However, she is no stranger to cyberbullying and has previously asserted that she will not respond to hate on any of her platforms.

See the post below.