Are Gucci shoes true to size?

Considering that Gucci shoes are designer, they are actually are true to size; however, it is advisable for first-time buyers to consider buying them online.

While Gucci as a luxury brand has been a staple for any fashion aficionado, their shoes saw a tremendous rise in popularity in 2016. This was when Gucci released the must-have mule shoe collection, which has become one of the signatures for luxury designer brand shoe ranges. At the time, physical stores and shopping were still the preferred choice of shopping, especially in reference to luxury brand shopping experiences.

However, with the word shifting more to online shopping as the preferred shopping experience, questions on sizing have become increasingly frequent. This is as the fear of purchasing a pair of shoes that are either too big or too small is a reality. Although, most online stores offer refunds or exchanges. Hence with online shopping, the fear of buying a pair of shoes which does not and cannot be returned should not be a factor.

Nonetheless, Gucci shoes are actually considered as one of the luxury brands which does sell their shoes true to the sizes suggested on the website. Although, that does not mean that it is impossible to purchase the wrong shoe size, thus, measuring your foot is one way of ensuring that you shoe is true to size.

Hacks for measuring your foot:

In order to measure your foot, you need a ruler, pen or pencil and paper(s) that is bigger than your foot. Thereafter, you first trace the foot on the piece of paper. Secondly, using the ruler, you measure the length and breadth of the foot. A neglected or often forgotten step is the measurement of the arch length.

Another term used to refer to the arch length is the insole measurement. This is as both terms refer to the length from the ball of your foot to where it meets the big toe joint before it bends. This is important to measure as it informs how comfortable your foot will be in a heel, specifically as it informs whether the curvature of the heel will be comfortable on your feet when wearing the heels. The subsequent step is made easier for you when shopping online, as most reputable luxury designer online stores provide a chart size.

Chart size vs. AR Technology:

The chart size is used to gauge your true size in relation to the luxury designer brand you are buying your shoes from. As indicated before, in reference to Gucci shoes, the chart size will provide a true indication of sizing. Moreover, when considering whether you have wide or narrow feet, most reviews state that the shoes generally fit when you have measured and used the size chart to determine your true size.

Another hack which has been introduced by Gucci is the integration of the Augmented Reality (AR) technology measuring tool. The aim of the app is to provide a realistic depiction of what the shoe would look like when fitted with the taken measurements. Gucci developed this technology with Belarus-based AR trading startup, Wannaby. Together, they released a beta version of the AR technology app called Wanna Kicks, to give a realistic image of what your Gucci true size is.

That being said, while the previous information is in relation to an individual who is thinking about buying Gucci shoes which will be worn without additions like socks, there are considerations to think about for those who plan on wearing them with socks.

Additional considerations when purchasing shoes:

When thinking about purchasing Gucci shoes which you plan to wear with socks, especially sneakers or shoes which will be worn in winter with thick socks, going up half a size is advisable. This is as the additional space will allow for room for the sock to fit without stretching the shoe, which would affect its durability or selling point, should you consider reselling the pair of shoes.

Secondly, when thinking of purchasing Gucci shoes which have a narrow end, going up half a size is once again advisable. This gives the foot room to expand without stretching or affecting the durability of the shoes. Moreover, it ensures that you will be more comfortable wearing the shoe, rather than risk the creation of bunions of the outer toes.

Gucci men and women’s shoes size guide

Below are two tables Gucci advises its customers to consult prior to selecting a pair of shoes. For each customer’s convenience, each table, the Men’s Shoes and the Women’s shoes, includes the conversion chart for the most shoe size systems.