Are Hell’s Kitchen customers real?

It has been confirmed that Hell’s Kitchen’s customers are real-life people, who are sometimes picked up from the street to eat the food of the day.

Hell’s Kitchen is arguably the cooking-competition reality show that gave Gordon Ramsay his first taste of international acclaim.

But as a reality format show, one of the recurring questions from the public is whether the show is authentic, and this includes its customers. The show and its customers have been cited as authentic and real.

When did Hell’s Kitchen originally premiere?

While the US spin-off of Hell’s Kitchen has become the flagship show for the franchise, the original series premiered on ITV in 2004 and featured an entirely British cast.

The show ran between 2004 and 2009. Since then, the US Hell’s Kitchen has become the flagship show, since it has been running on FOX since 2005.

Are Hell’s Kitchen customers real?

Since Hell’s Kitchen is shot on a soundstage, the restaurant itself is not real, and one cannot attempt to book a reservation to visit the restaurant shown on television.

Initially, it was believed that in order to reserve a spot to feature as a customer during the dinner service in the show, you had to be connected to someone who works for the show.

This is because many thought that only friends and family members of the cast and crew were invited to have the dinner.

However, it was recently reported that the customers are actually members of the public who are sometimes picked from the street to have the dinner service of the day.

Therefore, you simply need to be around the area where the show is shot to possibly be part of the customers in Hell’s Kitchen.

How many seasons of Hell’s Kitchen (UK) are there?

Between 2004 and 2009, the original Hell’s Kitchen had a total of four seasons with 15 episodes for each season that aired on ITV.

Why was Hell’s Kitchen (UK) cancelled?

Seemingly, Gordon Ramsay cancelled Hell’s Kitchen (UK) due to conflicting schedules as he only fronted a single season of the show. A show which had affirmed him as the most brutal chef.

Gordon Ramsay allegedly plans a Hell’s Kitchen (UK) revival

In 2020, news circulated about Gordon Ramsay possibly reviving Hell’s Kitchen (UK) 16 years after the end of the original. A 2021 production date was touted due to his busy schedule.