Are Marc and Marisia from The Bachelor SA still together?

The Bachelor SA’s season two finale saw Marc Buckner choosing Marisia van Wyk as the woman he would like to pursue a relationship with, however, they separated a few months later.

The Bachelor SA’s second season, which aired from February 2020 until May 2020, followed the male lead, Marc Buckner, on his quest to find true love. From the onset, Marc and Marisia appeared to have a close relationship, which upset many of the other women. During group dates, the bachelor paid special attention on Marisia, who began to feel uncomfortable about Marc being openly affectionate with the other women.

The viewers quickly pegged Marisia as the frontrunner of the competition, making it no surprise that Marc would choose her over Bridget Marshall in the final episode. During the Women Tell All episode, it was revealed that Marc and Marisia were living together in Cape Town during the lockdown period, which allowed them to get to know each other much quicker than they would have in a normal situation. The couple appeared happy and content with their journey on the show, and were confident that their relationship would pass the test of time.

In July 2020, approximately eight months after they had become exclusive, Marisia announced that they had broken up. Sharing an image of herself, the 24-year-old speech therapist included hashtags that alluded to the fact that Marc did not meet her expectations of a partner. The hashtags stated phrases such as, “Know your worth,” “Not giving up on love just yet,” “Ready for commitment,” and “Respect.” The two also removed all images of each other from their social media platforms, and avoided speaking about the situation publicly.

Since then, fans have speculated that Marc and Marisia have reconciled, as some have claimed to have spotted them together in Cape Town. The pair has also shared Instagram Stories and posts of being at the same place on the same day, although neither of them have stated that they are back together.