Are Snapchat Scores accurate?

It can be difficult to determine whether Snapchat Scores are accurate, because Snapchat has not given users any clear guidelines on how this score is calculated.

Snapchat has been a popular social networking platform since its launch; because of its unique content that appeals to a younger demographic.

Snapchat also encourages users to use the platform by being secretive about which actions contribute to the Snapchat Score, which can make it difficult for them to tell if this score is accurate.

Why is Snapchat so popular?

Snapchat gained popularity when it was launched in 2012, because of the platform’s unique disappearing-content format. This meant that people had to actively create, send, and receive content to ensure that they are in the loop.

This always-on ‘theme’ of sorts is what made the Snapchat platform popular to begin with. However, even as recently as 2021, about 65 percent of users who are between 18 and 29 years old still use Snapchat regularly.

Additionally, more than half of Snapchat’s users check in on the platform multiple times a day. This implies that Snapchat remains popular even now.

Are Snapchat Scores accurate?

One of the ways that Snapchat tries to retain its popularity is to keep users engaged on the platform for as long as possible. To do this Snapchat has a Snapchat Score, commonly known as a “Snapscore.”

The Snapchat Score is a number reflected on each user’s profile that indicates how active you are on Snapchat.

Although the Snapchat team is secretive about how the Snapscore is calculated and when exactly it gets updated, it is clear that there is indeed a formula that it uses to determine users’ Snapscores, and this score should be accurate if your version of the mobile application is updated and working correctly.

Though the exact method that Snapchat uses to calculate the score is unknown, which can make it difficult to determine whether the Snapscore on your profile or your friends’ profiles are correct, you should be able to estimate what your Snapscore is by looking at the various factors.

Such as those that go into calculating your Snapchat Score and then consolidating this with yours and your friends’ Snapchat Scores.

Factors that determine your Snapchat Score

As a result of the vagueness surrounding the calculations of Snapchat Scores, many experts and users have developed their own theories about which factors count towards getting a higher Snapchat Score.

The only known factor about Snapchat Scores is that sending or receiving a Snap, increases your Snapscore by one point.

Some of the other factors that experts have theorised may contribute towards your Snapscore include:

  • Number of users in your friends list
  • How frequently you use the application to send Snaps to friends
  • Longer Snapstreaks
  • How many or how frequently you post stories on the platform

Some experts also claim that interaction on groups on the platform do not count towards your Snapchat Score and that not using the platform for a while and then coming back can increase your score significantly, but none of these theories have been confirmed.

How to view your Snapchat Score

Although it is unclear what exactly goes into calculating your Snapchat Score, you can monitor which actions make your score go up, by keeping track of your score, to determine whether you feel the number is accurate. You can follow these steps:

  • Step one: Tap on the Bitmoji or your icon at the top left-hand side of your screen, to view your profile
  • Step two: On this profile screen, you will be able to see your Snapscore under your username, next to the ghost icon
  • Step three: Click on this number to open the Snapscore screen
  • Step four: This screen gives you more details about your Snapscore, such as the number of Snaps you have sent, and the number of Snaps you have received

It is important to note that these two numbers are not the only factors that contribute to your score, but it can give you an indication of whether your score is accurate and what improves your score over time.

How to view your friends’ Snapchat Scores

If you want to see whether your Snapchat Score is similar to your friends’ scores as a way to determine its accuracy, you can follow these steps:

  • Step one: Navigate to the “Chat” page by swiping left
  • Step two: Click on the profile icon of the friend whose Snapscore you want to view
  • Step three: The number reflected under your friend’s username is their Snapscore