Are YouTube Shorts monetized?

How YouTubers are benefitting from the YouTube Shorts program through the YouTube Shorts Fund, as well as the rules and requirements of qualifying for the fund’s bonus payments.

The extremely high consumption of social media has resulted in many platforms offering you the chance to make some money from the content you share and create on their various platforms.

For the amount of time and effort people put into their content, platforms paying them makes perfect sense.

YouTube has followed suit from platforms like TikTok, by developing the YouTube Shorts tool where YouTubers can create short videos such as with TikTok.

The new Shorts tool is one of the ways YouTubers get to monetize their content through creating short-form videos for their follower’s entertainment.

Monetizing YouTube Shorts

With YouTube having followed suit from short-form video platforms such as TikTok, now allowing their YouTube creators to create and view YouTube Shorts, creators have jumped onto the new tool to expand on their content while also opening themselves up to monetizing their YouTube Shorts.

YouTubers will benefit from the YouTube Shorts Fund that has been offered by YouTube as a way of rewarding creators with the most engagement and views on their YouTube Shorts videos, and more importantly, for their contributions.

An upside to YouTube Shorts is that it is open to all creators, not just to YouTubers.

Are YouTube Shorts monetized?

Yes, YouTube Shorts are monetized. YouTube has offered up the YouTube Shorts Fund, allocating a $100 million fund that will be paid out from the year 2021 to 2022, to all Shorts creators on a monthly basis who manage to gather the most views and engagement from the YouTube community.

This is a great way for passionate, creative and entertaining creators to produce content worthy of getting noticed and rewarded by YouTube.

YouTube confirms that Shorts creators can look forward to qualifying for pay-outs ranging between $100 to $10 000, for how well their Shorts are doing in terms of engagement and gaining views.

The Shorts tool can be an added advantage for existing YouTubers with an already established following, as they will not need to work as hard to get views and engagement as the subscribers will already be actively watching.

Does YouTube Shorts have a monetization policy?

Yes, YouTube has a YouTube Shorts monetization policy. The platform has monetization policies in place for the use of YouTube by YouTubers.

This applies to whether you want to monetize your YouTube Channel, to those who are members of the YouTube Partner Program as well as the YouTube Shorts community.

Of these policies are The Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, Copyright and Google AdSense programme.

Those who monetize their films with adverts are also required to follow the Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines. Ensuring that you adhere to all the necessary policies is important.

What are the YouTube Shorts monetization rules?

YouTube will reward qualified creators who will be selected every month with payment from the YouTube Shorts Fund, for the Shorts content they create.

In order for creators to qualify and benefit from the fund, they will need to create Short-form videos that will generate as many views as necessary and enough engagement of each Short as YouTube will base their selections on the performance of a creators Shorts.

Creators who meet the criteria for YouTube will earn between $100 and $10 000, and qualifying creators will be notified via the YouTube application.

What are the YouTube Shorts monetization requirements?

To qualify for Shorts bonuses from the Shorts Fund, your channel needs to have uploaded at least one short in the last 180 days. Additionally, you need to ensure that you have followed all of YouTube’s policies.

Your videos will not qualify if they contain any watermarks, logos from third-party social media platforms, non-original videos such as unedited parts from movies or series, or videos uploaded again from other creators’ channels.

As a creator you need to be located in certain regions, such as the United States (US) and be over 13 years old.


The monetization of social media activity and accounts has become a big deal on many of the popular social media and content channels.

Platforms are finding different ways of rewarding their users and content creators for their contributions, and in growing the number of users drawn to these platforms.

YouTube has developed the YouTube Shorts program that offers creators a platform to create short-form videos in the hopes of benefitting from the Shorts Fund.

As a platform, it wants to reward its users for generating the best performing shorts videos that will attract as many views as possible, and drive YouTube community engagement, should a Short start trending.