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Asanda Foji shares her daily skincare and make-up routine

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Asanda Foji shares her daily skincare and make-up routine

South Africa actress, Asanda Foji, took to Instagram on Tuesday, 8 October 2019, to share a video detailing the daily skin and make-up routine that she does at home.

The video details the actress washing her face, ensuring that it is clean before applying a charcoal face mask that she leaves on for several minutes.

She follows the process with moisturizer before starting her make-up routine with foundation, using a disposable sponge to apply it. Next, she applies eyeshadow, before she fills in her eyebrows, using a brown eyebrow pencil and corresponding brush.

She continues the process by applying mascara, followed by concealer, before using setting powder all over her face to set her make-up. Thereafter, she applies bronzer on her cheeks and forehead. She completes her make-up look with a bright pink lipstick before moving on to styling her hair.

She captioned the video, “My daily facial and make-up session at home. This is my routine, except of course maybe for the mask which I use twice a week”. Social media users flooded the video with complimentary messages to Asanda. One social media user wrote, “I just love the fact that you do not use so much make-up on your face”.

The video received much traction, with over 20 000 views.

Watch the video below.

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