Attack on Titan: Why did Eren tell Zeke to wait?

In the latest episode of Attack on Titan, Two Brothers, Eren and Zeke finally reunite, in a scene that has fascinated the viewers; here is why.


Attack on Titan aired one of its most anticipated episodes in January 2022, titled Two Brothers. This as the episode finally saw brother Eren Yaeger and Zeke Yaeger finally reunite, as they exposed their true intentions to each other during their meeting at “where all paths converge.”

There, their true intentions are revealed and the scene where Eren told Zeke to wait, or screamed rather, is explained. This is as both brothers had different intentions for reuniting, and Eren screaming “wait”, was a way to ensure his intentions were fulfilled.

What is Attack on Titan about?

According to IMDb, Attack on Titan is premised on “After his hometown is destroyed and his mother is killed, young Eren Yaeger vows to cleanse the earth of the giant humanoid Titans that have brought humanity to the brink of extinction.”

Like all great anime manga series, it is eventually revealed that Eren’s greatest antagonist is his brother, Zeke Yaeger, who became Marley’s Beast Titan, looking to ensure the continued existence of the Titans. All of which comes into fruition during the fourth season of the show.

Attack on Titan: Why did Eren tell Zeke to wait?

In season four, episode 19 of Attack on Titan, Two Brothers, “Colt pleads with Zeke to not use his scream and turn Falco into a Titan. All the while, soldiers and Titans clash in battle as Eren struggles to make contact with his brother.”

Eren’s intention was always to eradicate the world of the Titans. Therefore, him screaming “wait” was his attempt at stopping Zeke from turning Falco into a Titan.

This is as the rest of the episode saw the brothers finally reunite “where all paths converge”, where they finally reveal their true intentions of working together.

Eren’s plan to use the power of Ymir to euthanise the titans is revealed, while Zeke revealed that working with his brother was a means to an end, as he wanted to have access to the coordinates which would lead him to Ymir’s location.

How did the brothers reunite on Attack on Titan?

Zeke and Eren reunited after they hid their human forms in the bodies of dead Titans. This was merely a way for the two brothers to make contact.

However, Zeke’s disguise was discovered by Gabi, who shot Eren with a sniper to decapitate him, as he attempted to run to his brother.

Luckily, Zeke was able to hold Eren’s head before all the life-source had left, which became the key to access the coordinates of “where all paths converge”, and marked the reunion, as Eren came alive again in the other world.

What happened after Eren and Zeke reunited?

After the brothers reunited and stated their initial intentions, it was revealed that Zeke gained access to the power of the Path, which he used to show Eren their father’s history, to have him join him on his mission.

Where can I watch Attack on Titan, season four, part two, episode three?

Attack on Titan’s season four, part two, episode three is titled Two Brothers. The episode had a live simulcast airing on leading anime online streaming services, Crunchyroll and Funimation on Sunday, 23 January 2021. Therefore, the episode is currently available on the platforms.

An additional platform that has the latest episode of the hit anime manga series is Hulu, for those with access to the paid-subscription video-on-demand platform. Moreover, Crunchyroll and Funimation have the entire four seasons to binge watch.


Attack on Titan is winding down to its final episodes, following a close to 10-year run as one of the most popular anime manga series. The latest episode, Two Brothers, saw the much-anticipated reunion between the two brothers, Eren and Zeke Yaeger, as they made contact.

Meeting at “where all paths converge”, the brothers shared their true intentions for Ymir. Zeke comes out as the owner of the Path, despite Eren’s duplicity and lies in order to get access to the power.