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Ayanda Borotho speaks out against alleged racial incident at daughter’s school

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Ayanda Borotho speaks out against alleged racial incident at daughter’s school

On Tuesday, 16 July 2019, Isibaya actress, Ayanda Borotho, took to Instagram to express her anger at existing racial issues, following a screenshot conversation with her allegedly victimised daughter.

South African actress, Ayanda Borotho, expressed her anger at the existing ill-treatment of people of colour in a lengthy Instagram post. The post showcases a screenshot from a WhatsApp conversation with her daughter, who was upset due to a disagreement with one of her white teachers at school. Ayanda’s daughter apparently got into a disagreement with her Afrikaans teacher and the rest of her non-black classmates, as she argued that black people are not as privileged as their white counterparts. The teacher apparently said that black people are more privileged because of their BEE status. Ayanda’s daughter, who disagreed with that statement, claims that her classmates attacked her for disagreeing.

Despite teaching her daughter to be assertive as a young black woman, Ayanda states that issues of race can become overwhelming for children.

“The white entitlement of white South Africans is beyond me”, Ayanda further states in the post. She is evidently very upset at the fact that racial tension is still a huge part of the democratic South Africa. Moreover, such scenarios leave her baffled at how long it will take South Africa to realise the need for schools that fully teach black children to take pride in their identity.

Ayanda’s followers on the social media platform were left shocked and in disbelief, with many of them sharing similar sentiments.


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I am sooooooo sick and tired of our children being subjected to this nonsense. I am fuming! I have always made it a point to educate my children about the “real” history and “true” dynamics of this country. I’ve raised my daughter to stand up against racial intolerance and misguided information about this country! But even for a child it can be too much…but I am always proud that she stands her ground @ayaaa.ngu . The entitlement of white South Africans is beyond me. Tell me of one white domestic worker! Point her to me! When is South Africa going to take seriously the fact that we need OUR own schools, schools that will instill pride in our own beauty, rebuilding our sense of identity! When will this be an agenda for you South Africa? Please tell me when?????

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