Ayanda Thabethe shares a make-up look inspired by New York Fashion Week trends

The South African beauty influencer took to Instagram to share an image of her make-up look that she expressed was inspired by the  trends from New York Fashion Week.

Ayanda Thabethe had previously revealed to JustNje that the new Colour Stay Ink from beauty brand, Maybelline, is her current favourite lipstick. On Wednesday, 11 September 2019, the media personality gave Instagram users a glimpse of the lipsticks and showcased her make-up skills by creating a fun look with the new range. The look featured rosy eyeshadow and one of the new rosy lipsticks from the beauty brand.

In a recent interview with JustNje, the media personality spoke about the current trends at the NYC Fashion Week, saying the focus was on fresh skin and a hint of colour. “It’s enhancement rather than masking. Designers are going for an effortless make-up look with a focus on giving one area a pop of colour, such as the eyes or lips. As a person who is obsessed with always keeping a fresh face, I’m really enjoying this trend”, she said.

Her caption reiterated the same sentiments, noting that the make-up look that she expressed was inspired by her time in New York and all the latest trends at Fashion Week. “Really enjoyed my make-up look today, inspired by the latest trends from New York Fashion Week that are about fresh skin and a pop of colour.”